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Shosenkyo Gorge is one of the most famous valley's in Japan which is located near Kofu city in Yamanashi Prefecture.
The most beautiful part of valley stretches for approximately 5 kilometres from Nagatoro Bridge to Senga Falls.
Please come and visit Shosenkyo, one of the most beautiful parts of Japan and you will be rewarded with deeply satisfying and unforgettable experience by local dishes, shopping regional goods and souvenirs.


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What is Hoto??

Hoto noodles are a local delicacy in Yamanashi made from wheat flour and stewed in miso soup with mushrooms, pumpkins, and other vegetables.

Address : 393 Ikarichō, Kōfu-shi, Yamanashi-ken 400-1217
TEL : 055-287-2131
FAX : 055-287-2130

●Car and bus access

The Hoto Kaikan is located near the Senga-taki base terminal of the Shosen Gorge Ropeway and is 40 minutes from the Kofu Showa exit of Chuo Expressway or 30 minutes from the Futaba Smart interchange.

The Hoto Kaikan maintains a clean and spacious dining area and a fully stocked souvenir shop.

The Hoto Kaikan's giant Hoto Manju (Japanese steamed bun) may be the biggest in Japan.